Sketch Eyebrow Pencil


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FOCALLURE Artist Sketch Eyebrow Pencil

Just Like Your Brows, a Waterproof brow liner pen can precisely outline the brow, perfectly goes on smoothly, create hair-like strokes with ease, making it easier to draw natural eyebrows compared to the ordinary eyebrow pencil in the market. It creates a very natural-looking eyebrow tint. It’s a super-fine tip that makes it easier and faster to shape the eyebrows, and easy for beginners. Waterproof, Smudge-Proof, long-lasting formula ensures your brow for an all-day look with no color-fade, and you don’t have to worry about hugging someone and your brow coming off on their shoulder because this pencil will not transfer. Easy to use, has a rich color, ultra-fine tip makes adding detailed definition to your brows easy, by drawing incredibly natural, hair-like strokes.


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