Eyeshadow Pad Shields




Eye shadow pads can prevent messy mascara smudges, they protect the under-eye area from eye shadow fallout. Eyeshadow shield pad is Self Adhesive, make your hand free during make no mess, no raccoon eyes, no smudges. Uses for grafting false eyelash isolation, eye shadow makeup, eyeliner isolation. A must-have tool for the application of eyelash extension. Creates a straight edge for shadow. Eyeshadow Shields aids in perfecting lipstick application, Multi-Tasking Beauty tool.

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  1. Kaylee M

    Kaylee M. recommends My Makeover Madness.
    Bought a few smaller things to start and love it all! I use the eyeshadow pad shields daaailllly and the liquid eyeshadow is perfect! 🤩 definitely ordering more.

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